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Best Eye-Catching, Outdoor Bar Stools Ideas

Are you looking for the best outdoor bar stools? Here are five of the most popular brands and tips to follow when choosing the right chair.

If you want to revamp your backyard, adding outdoor chairs may change the look of your courtyard. These pieces of furniture do not only give comfort to your guests but also add style to your yard.

There are many outdoor seating styles and brands in the market. You simply need to choose a set of chairs that fit the environment. But if you don’t know what stool to buy, then allow this article to help you!

In this post, we will give you five of the best outdoor bar stools in stores today. Furthermore, we will give you some tips to follow when selecting the right outdoor furniture.

Best Outdoor Bar Chairs That You Can Buy Today

Below are the best-selling outside furniture sets that you can buy in the market.

Barcelona Resin Wicker Outdoor Bar Chairs

The first on the list is the Barcelona Resin Wicker Chair. It is made of a strong aluminum frame and natural weaves. This texture is made from a coated chocolate-like material, making it an ideal addition to your outdoor setting.

As for the aluminum frame, Barcelona made sure that it is corrosion resistant. In that way, it won’t get rusty, even if you place it near the poolside area. Furthermore, it features a UV shield so that the colors won’t fade, regardless of the weather.

This wicker furniture has a measurement of 20 x 20 x 25. It also features a 35-inch seat height so you can sit comfortably on the chair while relaxing. The Barcelona comes with two stools that need to be assembled.

Atlantic Foldable Wood Bar Chair

The Atlantic Foldable Wood Bar Seat is a product of Great Deal Furniture. The frame is made from eucalyptus wood. Moreover, the structure is pre-treated, so it can withstand different outdoor weather conditions. Hence, you don’t need to oil it up to keep its beauty.

The unique thing about this outdoor bar furniture is that it can be folded. It stands 45 inches tall and spans 21.45 inches wide. As for the seat height measurement, it can reach up to 31 inches high.

The Atlantic Foldable stool is perfect for a patio bar setting. It gives a rustic yet chic appeal to your yard because of the eucalyptus wood structure. Moreover, it is insect-resistant so you won’t get bug bites while sitting on the chair.

But if there’s one thing that is lacking from this stool, that would be the comfort. Because it is a folding chair, it doesn’t have an armrest. Nevertheless, you can store it in a tight space or bring it anywhere.

Like the Barcelona wicker seat, you can buy this stool for two.

Mandalay Bar Bistro Chair

If you are looking for an antique but elegant balcony furniture set, then this is the one that you need. A proud product of International Caravan Furniture, the Mandalay bar chair is made of wrought iron. Despite the material being used, it doesn’t rust. Hence, it will still look good, even if you put it outdoors.

The stool features a square footrest so you can sit comfortably and get up without a problem. It also has iron-made armrests so you can sit on the chair for hours without a problem.

Another good thing about the iron material is the weatherproof feature. As mentioned earlier, this chair is resistant to rust. So even if it gets wet near the poolside or by the rain, the stool will look the same. However, it gets hot when you place it under the sun, but it’s tolerable.

The Mandalay Bar Chair is available in swivel and non-swivel models. Its seat height measurement is 30 inches, while the diameter is 24 inches. But the overall dimension of this piece of furniture is 25 x 48 inches.

The Mandalay Caravan stool comes in Antique Brown, Honey, Chocolate, and Antique Black colors and is available for two.

Amerihome BS2001SET Adjustable Bar Height Stool

The BS2001SET by Amerihome is not your typical outdoor bar stool. It has a distinctive quirky design that looks modern and chic. Its glossy silver coating is resistant to hot and wet environments. So if it gets wet by the pool or exposed to the sun, the color won’t fade.

The Amerihome silver chair has a deep pocket base, making the user feel comfortable as he sits on it. Furthermore, it rotates 360o and features a footrest. In that way, you can sit and get up without a problem.

The Amerihome Bar Height Stool is a chair that can be adjusted. Its seat height ranges from 24 to 32.5 inches. Furthermore, it can carry a person who weighs 330 pounds or less.

However, it doesn’t have a swivel lock. Hence, you need to sit properly so it won’t rotate.

Tallahassee Pipe Outdoor Adjustable Bar Stool

Another adjustable height bar stool that you can buy is the Tallahassee outdoor bar chair by the Great Deal Furniture. It is a combination of a swivel and a cushion type seat that is perfect for any environment.

The structure is made of plumbing pipes, giving the stool a classy yet unique design. It can also be rotated, which makes it a perfect addition to the balcony or patio. But the most notable feature of this chair is the adjustable seat height.

The average seat height dimension of this stool is 26 inches, but you can raise it up to 35 inches. Nevertheless, the overall measurement of this adjustable seat is 17.5 x 17.5 inches. This size is perfect as it lets you sit down and stand up without a problem.

The pipe used for this stool is made from high-quality cast aluminum. This material makes the adjustable bar chair weather-resistant and durable. In fact, it can carry a person who weighs 250 pounds.

The Tallahassee bar stool comes with a pillow and a cushion and is available for two seats.

Feeling confused? Relax. We got you covered. Check out our buying guide below.

Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Bar Chairs

There are different types of outdoor bar stools. Each has unique designs and features that differentiate them from one another.

First is the adjustable bar seat. As the name suggests, it lets you change the seat length of the chair, depending on your height.

Second is the footrest chair. It lets the user sit comfortably and get up easily.

Next is the swivel chair. We often see this type in the office. However, you can also use it outdoors. This stool lets you talk with your friends, even if they are at the back. You simply need to twist the base in order to face the people.

Last is the folding chair. It’s the most convenient, space-saving piece of furniture among the four. It is convenient because you can bring it anywhere. It saves space because it can be folded. So if you have a small patio or balcony, then this is the one you should look for.

However, the type of stool is not the only thing to consider when choosing the right bar chair. Of course, you need to consider where you want to put it.

For instance, if you have a pool, then you may choose the folding bar chair. If you want to put it on the patio, then the foot rest stool is the best choice.

Once you know the location, you need to get a chair set that matches the design of your yard. Let’s say, for example, you have a balcony at your house, and the flooring is made of tiles. If that’s the case, then you should get a stool set that is made of steel or iron. This structure will complement your flooring.

But if you have a lawn, then you should choose a wooden seat or a chair with cushion. These pieces of furniture will match the layout of your garden.

You must also make sure that the chairs are weather-resistant. Because you are going to put the furniture outside, you must make sure that it won’t rust or fade. Otherwise, you need to treat it from time to time to keep its look.

When looking for a weather-resistant stool, you need to get a bar chair that is made from chrome, iron, or aluminum. These materials can withstand different weather patterns. You also need to get a set that repels UV rays. In that way, the colors won’t fade, even if it’s sunny.

Lastly, you need to get a bar stool that gives comfort. These chairs aren’t just there to add beauty to your yard. You buy this furniture set so you can relax outside. Thus, you must get a seat that provides comfort. You may buy a stool that has a footrest, armrests or a cushion so you can sit with ease.

These are the best-selling outdoor bar seat sets and guidelines in choosing the right chair. If you keep these things in mind, then you can get furniture sets that complement your home.


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